We're the everyday voices of Micronesia.

MotherhoodGU is a digital community that publishes relevant and relatable content surrounding primary topics of parenting and culture. The website connects communities with ties to Micronesia, bridging the gap across oceans through original stories written and shared by its community. This community spans across the globe, living in our native islands, overseas in the United States, serving in the military in foreign nations and advocating in organizations that impact our island communities in the most positive way.

Here readers will find articles contributed from community members who give their cultural perspectives as parents, advocates and community leaders. You’ll find stories of success and the good that pacific islanders are doing in their cities. You’ll also find articles breaking down the tough discussions rarely shared in public, to help bring awarness to issues that are systemic in culture. Behind each of these stories is a voice parting their insight and knowledge that in someway impacts the way one’s culture is passed down from their generation to the next.

The ultimate goal is to bring support, encouragement, news and resources to our people, so that we may raise our children in a world where culture matters in every discussion.

Focus on Community

Community is our biggest strength and asset as pacific islanders–and it’s the focal point for MotherhoodGU. Articles published are some of the most valuable topics for families from cultural backgrounds:

  • Cultural News & Events
  • Parenting Tips (from cultural perspectives )
  • Community Features
  • Travel Tips
  • Traditional Recipes
  • Language Learning

MotherhoodGU is the hub for families with ties to Micronesia to learn, share and connect with others as they journey through parenthood.

We’re a mix of the CHamorro, Filipino, Palauan, Carolinian, Kosraen, Yapese, Chuukese and Asian roots.

We are the people who grew up on Guam, called it home, migrated to the island or spent sometime working or serving in the Western Pacific.

Embracing Culture

Our stories feature Micronesian voices from the perspectives of parents with ties to Guam. These articles will include personal essays that share how culture influences parenting in today’s age; business highlights of companies embracing Micronesian culture through goods or services on and off island; and resources for new moms and dads of the latest products, services and support to make parent life more convenient and enjoyable.

To take an active part in MotherhoodGU, you can Contribute, Support or Work with Us, Connect with us for more info.